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Reality is overrated

15 November
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I came to LJ following my friend sublethal, whom I will always love no matter what (yes, no matter what)
I hate filling in the bio sections... that's why mine remained blank for several months...
I tend to be dysthymic, and I'm quite used to it. I must be perceived as anti-social by a vast number of people, which is only partially true. I can't stand crowds and generally prefer to be by myself, but at the same time have a living soul "just around the corner." At times it seems like I'm built entirely of rants and obsessions; my obsessions tend to be insidious, consumptive and deep. I often overthink and overfeel things, oscillating between being super-analytical and ridiculously irrational. I am incurably nerdy and at the same time just as incurably romantic, and it's not a contradiction. It's OK to friend me as long as we have at least a little something in common**, in which case I'll friend you back; however I don't live on LJ so it may take me some time to catch up.

Please don't friend me if you're into sports to the exclusion of everything else or deeply religious. Neither appeals to me.

Oh, and I LOVE music. And musicians.
** If my interests section looks too busy, here's the top 10:

art, astronomy, books, films, linguistics, Pink Floyd, Queen, stereo photography, Terry Reid, Three Mile Pilot.

60s music, 70s music, abs#4, agonizing over nothing, akira kurosawa, andrei tarkovsky, arcade fire, art, astronomy, athiesm, avoiding television, black heart procession, black humor, blarg, blues, books, brian may, california, cats, champagne, classic rock, cloudy skies, coagulation cascade, coffee, dark chocolate, david gilmoure, david lynch, dead languages, death note, depression, devanagari, doppler shift, douglas adams, ellipsis, fake japanese accent, film, freddie mercury, gay, glam rock, hebrew, hematology, hermann hesse, hiragana, html, incurable romantic, infinity, intellectual freedom, introversion, j-rock, japanese food, jeff buckley, jimmy page, judaism, kanji, laboratory medicine, led zeppelin, leonid andreyev, linguistics, london, long hair, love letters, m. c. escher, max otto von stierlitz, medicine, metropophobobia, microscopy, mikhail bulgakov, music, musical saw, mythology, neurotic, nocturnal lifestyle, oceans, ogre you asshole, one-artist night on youtube, pall jenkins, piano zombie, pink floyd, politically incorrect jokes, procrastination, procyon, profound internal void, psychedelia, queen, rain, ray bradbury, reading, record collecting, ridiculous hats, ryuk, saint petersburg, salvador dali, san diego, science, semitic grammar, sergey kuryokhin, shinigami, silver, slash fanfiction, sleeping in, slide guitar, spectral class, stereo photography, stereo realist, steve kilbey, steve marriott, stirlitz, superlungs, surgery, sushi, tea, telescopes, terry it up, terry reid, the casbah, the church, three mile pilot, thunderstorms, travel, understanding, watercolors, writing, zaphod beeblebrox, Владимир Набоков, Майк Науменко, Сайгон, Санкт-Петербург, Юрий Наумов, горький шоколад, длинные волосы, дождь, зеленый чай, кошки, меланхолия, многоточие, неполные предложения, ночные разговоры, питерский депрессняк, раздолбайство, рок-музыка, самокопание, стереофотография, черный юмор